Ein Mensch Ist Des Anderen Spiegel

This video segment complements the 2014 English-language edition of History and Obstinacy by Alexander Kluge and Oskar Negt, edited by Devin Fore and translated by Richard Langston (Zone Books).


“That a human being becomes a mirror for another requires powers of observation to the fourth degree, the consideration of visible and invisible relationships that are able to make out the difference between homicide and cooperation” (p. 192).

See “The Brain as a Social Organ” (pp. 192-93).

“The libido is itself blind to politics, Sigmund Freud once remarked. However, its derivatives are the masterminds of the political and the search for good fortune” (p. 341).

See Chapter 7: Love Politics: The Obstinacy of Intimacy (pp. 341-84).

History and Obstinacy