Titus Andronicus

17 Jul 2012
Ten to Eleven
Heiner Müller
Müller's circle: Peter Berling


This video shows excerpts from Heiner Müller's farce "Anatomy Titus – Fall of Rome – A Shakespeare commentary", which was written between 1983 and 1985 and premiered at Staatsschauspiel Dresden in a stage production by Wolfgang Engel.

The play refers to William Shakespeare's tragedy "The most lamentable roman tragedy of Titus Andronicus‭" (‬1589-1592‭), and can be seen as one of the most important adaptations in German language, together with Friedrich Dürrenmatt's‭ "Titus Andronicus‭" ‬(1986‭‬) and Botho Strauß‭' "Schändung‭" (‬2005‭).

The video combines excerpts from Müller's text, scenes of fighting Romans, advancing soldiers on horseback, sea battles and images of galaxies, as well as scenes of German producer, writer and actor Peter Berling impersonating a blinking, mute Titus Andronikus. The score employs classical music, switching between quiet accompaniment and dramatic climax.