The Last of the Mohicans

Fidel Castro and his Republic

21 Mar 1993
Heiner Müller
Heiner Müller


A news magazine program on important aspects of the history of postrevolutionary Cuba, consisting of two documentary film sequences about Castro and two interview sequences with Heiner Müller. Castro speaks about his experiences in the revolution and about Che Guevara; he has himself filmed during the furnishing of a simple house. Heiner Müller, smoking, laments the decline in the quality of the "Davidoff" cigar following the American economic boycott against Cuba. He explains the quasi-religious nature of the half-African population's propagandistically maintained veneration for Castro, but also points out that Cuba is the only Third World country without illiteracy and that it is "a paradise for children." Like Max Hölz (1889-1933), Castro, according to Müller, is a Robin Hood figure, who does not lose the favor of the people even when he is less than fastidious in his dealings with the law.