History and Obstinacy

The short video segments presented here are points of entry to various parts of History and Obstinacy by Alexander Kluge and Oskar Negt. The annotations that accompany the individual videos reference specific chapters or sections of the 2014 English-language edition from Zone Books, edited by Devin Fore and translated by Richard Langston.

Titel (Deutsch)(asc) Titel (English) Date
Wir Einwohner Des Kosmos We the Inhabitants of the Cosmos
Song Des Krans Milchsack IV Song of the Crane Milchsack IV
Licht-Adern Light Veins
Lamento Der Liegengebliebenen Ware Lament of the Unwanted Product
Ich habe noch nie zwei Hunde einen Knochen tauschen sehen! I've Never Seen Two Dogs Exchange a Bone!
How Much Blood and Horror How Much Blood and Horror
Geld Macht Den Dingen Beine Money Makes Things Mobile
Essential Powers of Man Essential Powers of Man
Ein Mensch Ist Des Anderen Spiegel One Person is the Mirror of Another
Die gewaltsame Einprägung des Tauschs The Forced Institution of Change
Der Tod Der Lachen Musste The Death That Had to Laugh
Der "Gesamtarbeiter" Vor Verdun The "Total Worker" at Verdun
Das Eigensinnige Kind The Wilful Child
A Parisian Concierge A Parisian Concierge