Oskar Negt

Oskar Negt (b. 1934) is one of the key figures in the second generation of Critical Theory intellectuals, along with such luminaries as Jürgen Habermas and Alexander Kluge. Negt completed his Ph.D. under Theodor Adorno in 1962 and served as an assistant to Habermas until 1980. In 1970 he was appointed Professor of Sociology at the Leibniz University of Hannover and became known as a leading social philosopher. Negt has collaborated with Kluge on three major books on sociology since the 1970s. Since 1988, Kluge has conducted over 60 television interviews with Negt on philosophical, sociological, literary, and political topics of interest to them both; a selection is included here.

Title (English)(desc) Title (German) Date
Direct Democracy Direkte Demokratie 26 Aug 2001
Fixed-Price Philosophy Philosophie zum Festpreis 16 Nov 1998
Heraclitus, the Obscure Heraklit der Dunkle 1 Apr 1996
How Much Earth Does Mankind Need? Wieviel Erde braucht der Mensch? 28 Jul 2002
Immanuel Kant and the SPD Convention Immanuel Kant und der SPD-Parteitag 1 Aug 1999
In the Jungle of Casus Belli Im Dschungel der Kriegsgründe 9 May 2004
Independent Thought Selbstdenken 19 Sep 2005
Machine Operator Hopkins Maschinist Hopkins 28 Aug 2001
Man is Only Fully Human when he Plays Der Mensch ist nur dort ganz Mensch, wo er spielt 13 Nov 2005
Man, a Predator Der Mensch als Raubtier 6 Nov 2006
Marx and the Circus Marx und der Zirkus 14 Aug 2005
Metamorphoses of Violence Metamorphosen der Gewalt 31 Jul 2005
Napoleon Advancing on Madrid Napoleon vor Madrid 27 Nov 2005
Revolution without Pathos Revolution ohne Pathos 16 Oct 2005
Roman Cruelty Römische Grausamkeit 7 Jan 1991
Surplus Value and its Images Der Mehrwert und seine Bilder 12 Dec 2005
The City Principle Das Prinzip Stadt 28 Dec 2008
The Death of Marat Tod des Marat 9 Oct 1989
The Fundamental Issues of War Grundfragen des Kriegs 21 Apr 2002
The Secret of Immanuel Kant Das Geheimnis des Immanuel Kant 21 Mar 2004
The Story of the Failed Man and the Dream Woman Die Geschichte vom verkrachten Mann und der Traum-Frau 12 Feb 2007
The Vitality of Serenity Vitalität der Heiterkeit 4 Sep 2005
The Withering Away of the State Absterben des Staates 27 Sep 1998
What Does "Enthusiasm" Mean? Was heißt „Schwärmen“? 17 Jul 2005
What Does Enlightenment Mean? Was heißt Aufklärung? 22 Feb 2004
What Does Revolution Mean? Was heißt Revolution? 20 Nov 2005
What Is War? Was ist Krieg? 26 Aug 2002
What does "Glorious Failure in a Risk Society" Mean? Was heißt: „Fröhliches Scheitern in der Risikogesellschaft?” 19 Oct 1998
What does Nothing Mean? Was heißt NICHTS? 15 Aug 1999
Why War? Warum Krieg? 16 Jun 2002